Elemental DC | Atomos
Mist | Ward 18 Plot 35

    NightHaven Rules

    1. All NightHaven venues (NH Club, NH Rooms, NH Suites, NH Valkyrie and Blacktie) are for those aged 18+ If you are a minor, then our venues are not for you.2. Respect all staff members and patrons. We are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves.3. Keep all chats SFW. No ERP in public areas. Please keep NSFW conversations private. (With the exception of NightHaven Afterparty hours (1am onwards). The Afterparty may contain NSFW elements on our games such as Strip Beer Pong, Truth or Dare, etc).4. Do not use the /yell or /shout chats. These are used for announcements and staff only.5. Do not spam the chat. This includes emote spam.6. Do not use /lfp or /lfm tags. These are reserved for staff members only.7. Bard performances within our venues are strictly prohibited (unless they have been approved by NH staff). We encourage patrons to listen with us via our DJ Twitch accounts.8. No weapons, minions or pets. This is a safe haven where all warriors relax.9. No broadcasting of our host services. This includes streaming on public platforms or via private discords.

    If you notice that one of our patrons is breaking the rules, please reach out to any of our staff members.
    Our staff members can be identified by checking their status logo
    either Looking for Melding (yellow) or Looking for Party (green) tags.

    "A place where you celebrate with a bang, and get lost in the night."


    NightHaven ClubAtomosMist1835
    Blacktie Mansion*AtomosMist1832
    NightHaven ValkyrieAtomosMist18R.16
    NightHaven NightingaleAtomosGoblet2443

    * To access Blacktie Mansion, you must be a Blacktie member.


    To make any reservations, please contact any of our Event Promoters with the Yellow Icon (Looking for Materia tags)

    Bar Buyout


    One [1] Hour: 1,000,000 Gil
    Whole Night: 4,000,000 Gil

    - Name yelled announcing the bar buyout
    with Heavenscrackers celebrations
    - Drinks are free for all patrons during the allocated period

    Champagne Call

    Celebrating a big event and want to let everyone know? or just want to flex?

    Standard: 250,000 Gil+++ / Premium: 1,000,000 Gil+++

    Standard call:
    - One [1] personalised message with
    Champagne Pop from NightHaven staff
    Premium call:
    - Personalised message yelled
    (Every 10 minutes for 1-hour)
    - Champagne Pop from NightHaven staff
    Note: No Explicit NSFW Shoutouts.

    Ms Bartender

    Do you want to have a 1:1 conversation with our barkeeps but think they are too busy serving booze?Fret not! You are now able to hire some time with our bartenders! Just head to the bar and ask our bartends for their time.

    **Standard Rate: 100,000 Gil / 30 minutes **

    Bartend hosting is SFW.


    One [1] Hour: 500,000 Gil
    Whole Night: 2,000,000 Gil

    All staff with a green icon (Looking for Party) are available for Roleplaying (RP) services.Directly approach your selected host to schedule a session.RP services provided are subject to the hired staff member's discretion.
    We do not tolerate any type of harassment and we have the right to cancel any reservations without a refund.
    Please make sure that you explicitly indicate
    if are opting for SFW or NSFW hosting.

    Room Bookings

    Locked: 1,000,000/hr
    Unlocked: 500,000/hr

    To make any reservations, please contact any of our Event Promoters with the Yellow Icon (Looking for Materia tags)Up to Private Chamber/Apartment limitFor more information about our Private Lounges, please click here

    Celebration Package

    All celebration packages redeemed outside NightHaven hours include a private Live DJ, private Bartender and private use of the venue.
    Celebrations outside NightHaven Hours must be pre-booked 2 weeks in advance.

    Venue Hire

    You can rent out one of our venues for private use.
    NightHaven can be hired any day apart from Saturday.

    ClubRate per HourExtension (per hour)
    Blacktie Mansion5,000,0001,000,000
    NightHaven Nightingale2,000,0001,000,000

    We can provide staff members to cater to your event,
    however, staff rates are charged separately.
    * To hire Blacktie Mansion, you must be a permanent Blacktie member.

    The Ravens

    Please click on the staff's picture for further information.


    All types of VIP Membership can be pre-booking on our Ticketing system via DiscordPlease take note that complimentary services for Monthly and Annual VIPs are refreshed monthly/annually.

    NightHaven VIP Members

    Current list of patrons who availed our Annual memberships.

    Syphia Scarletta
    Welly Mclaughlin
    Buri Guri
    Irene Avagnar
    Max Arenia
    Emma Jaye
    Max Similian
    Vee Nocentia
    Rayla Dawnstone
    Keli Isawa
    Casper Wrynn
    Reimi Saionji
    Yvaine Sirius
    Miaki Seiru
    Jyl Mcdoyle
    Seishimi Sushimi
    Eve Deimos
    Jay Damion
    Lonely Fox
    Skye Song

    Hall of Fame

    Current list of patrons who availed our Bar Buyout and Champagne Call
    (VIP Perks not included)
    As of October 22, 2022 09:00 Server Time

    Sumi LaBlacktie Epoque Magnum07/16/2022
    Luminas ValentineChampagne Call07/16/2022
    Saki SchariacChampagne Call07/16/2022
    Kelda SilverfistBar Buyout (Entire Night)07/16/2022
    Luminas ValentineChampagne Call07/03/2022
    Suena GunsmithBar Buyout (Entire Night)07/03/2022
    Izu MinariBlacktie Epoque Magnum06/18/2022
    Saki SchariacChampagne Call06/18/2022
    Xy-hen PadmuChampagne Call06/18/2022
    Waifu MaximusChampagne Call06/18/2022
    Bb TaroChampagne Call06/18/2022
    Carmilla AenslandBar Buyout (Entire Night)06/18/2022
    Great GatsbyChampagne Call06/18/2022
    Keli IsawaBar Buyout (Entire Night)04/09/2022
    Iridor DazkarChampagne Call04/09/2022
    Arj EralChampagne Call x204/09/2022
    Hyura RushiferChampagne Call04/09/2022
    Ferioh SianthisChampagne Call03/26/2022
    Maria DiwataChampagne Call03/26/2022
    Keli IsawaChampagne Call03/26/2022
    Newt RChampagne Call03/26/2022
    Eve DeimosChampagne Call03/26/2022
    Jyl McdoyleChampagne Call03/26/2022
    Gavrill HaurtefertChampagne Call03/26/2022
    Kada KatzenbergBar Buyout03/12/2022
    Bad BunnyBar Buyout (Full Night)03/12/2022
    Kimahri ShojinChampagne Call03/12/2022
    Nat'a De CocoChampagne Call03/12/2022
    Theo MaxwellBar Buyout02/26/2022
    Jay DamionBar Buyout02/26/2022
    Luna MercierBar Buyout02/26/2022
    Jin GalahadChampagne Call02/26/2022
    Ragnvald ZephyrusBar Buyout (Full Night)12/02/2021
    Cassandra ZoeChampagne Call12/02/2021
    Laciel DulacChampagne Call12/02/2021
    Amy IgarashiChampagne Call x212/02/2021
    Waifu MaximusChampagne Call12/02/2021
    Chiro MoonlightChampagne Call12/02/2021
    Casper KoganChampagne Call12/02/2021
    Bad BunnyBar Buyout30/10/2021
    A'lyss FoxxChampagne Call30/10/2021
    AnonymousBar Buyout30/10/2021
    Trinity BlackwaterBar Buyout16/10/2021
    A'lyss FoxxChampagne Call16/10/2021
    Pure HeartsBar Buyout16/10/2021
    Grow UpBar Buyout16/10/2021
    Zlathgar AvaskaBar Buyout02/10/2021
    Luc HemlockChampagne Call02/10/2021
    Katica DavaaChampagne Call02/10/2021
    Adiana FarrahBar Buyout25/09/2021
    Luc HemlockBar Buyout25/09/2021
    Rinah MeraChampagne Call25/09/2021
    Jin GalahadBar Buyout25/09/2021
    Miqo NyandervilleChampagne Call25/09/2021
    Laevatein TieriaChampagne Call25/09/2021
    Eira HargreavesChampagne Call25/09/2021
    Kryss AnthemoonBar Buyout11/09/2021
    Ayaka KitazawaChampagne Call11/09/2021
    Remy FloBar Buyout11/09/2021
    Ignatia AvalonChampagne11/09/2021
    Zlein MistBar Buyout & Champagne Call11/09/2021
    Newt ReichsadlerChampagne Call11/09/2021
    Miko RinChampagne Call11/09/2021
    Kotetsu AragamiBar Buyout04/09/2021
    Ali LionnellaisChampagne Call04/09/2021
    Laciel DulacChampagne Call04/09/2021
    Buri GuriBar Buyout04/09/2021
    Ali LionnellaisChampagne Call x204/09/2021
    Awkward TofuBar Buyout04/09/2021
    Tyr NightwingBar Buyout21/08/2021
    Jishura IxabaBar Buyout21/08/2021
    Lumi NoireChampagne Call21/08/2021
    Hurancy TiaBar Buyout21/08/2021
    Ayaka KitazawaBar Buyout21/08/2021
    Elleia DiamondChampagne Call21/08/2021
    Eisu OwoChampange Call21/08/2021
    Ignatia AvalonChampagne Call21/08/2021
    Midori NoyamiChampagne Call21/08/2021
    Sorr RathclawBar Buyout14/08/2021
    Skiggles IsfineBar Buyout14/08/2021
    Eisu OwoChampagne Call14/08/2021
    Kryss AnthemoonBar Buyout14/08/2021
    Jeevius MaximusBar Buyout14/08/2021
    Syn InugamiChampagne Call & Bar Buyout07/08/2021
    Leonoire IrenaneaBar Buyout07/08/2021
    Eisu OwoChampagne Call07/08/2021
    Adriana FarahChampagne Call07/08/2021
    Kryss AnthemoonChampagne Call & Bar Buyout07/08/2021
    Ignatia EulenChampagne Call07/08/2021
    Satsuki KaidoChampagne Call07/08/2021
    Unpaid InternBar Buyout31/07/2021
    Satsuki KaidoBar Buyout31/07/2021
    Roxana TargaryenBar Buyout31/07/2021
    [Anonymous Patron]Bar Buyout x531/07/2021
    Skiggles IsfineBar Buyout31/07/2021
    Mee KopiBar Buyout31/07/2021
    Xanadu OrlChampange Call31/07/2021
    Newt ReichsadlerChampange Call31/07/2021
    Mana InkbearBar Buyout x724/07/2021
    Boemi AntaraBar Buyout24/07/2021
    Ren ShiroBar Buyout24/07/2021
    Lucas ClaxtonChampagne Call24/07/2021
    Roxana TargaryenBar Buyout24/07/2021
    Lucian BeaumontBar Buyout24/07/2021
    Eden SsBar Buyout24/07/2021
    Keoland ThorneBar Buyout17/07/2021
    N'Phez VaeidBar Buyout x617/07/2021
    Dinner TimeChampange Call17/07/2021
    Fiona WrynnChampange Call17/07/2021
    Mana InkbearChampange Call17/07/2021
    Mana InkbearBar Buyout x710/07/2021
    N'Phez VaeidChampange Call10/07/2021
    Ren ShiroChampange Call10/07/2021
    Bubs ChanBar Buyout26/06/2021
    Streal RirianBar Buyout26/06/2021
    Mana InkbearBar Buyout x 726/06/2021
    Ren ShiroChampange Call26/06/2021
    Vyn IyrnbrekChampange Call26/06/2021
    Deve LeoneBirthday Celebration26/06/2021
    Mana InkbearBirthday Celebration26/06/2021
    Kryss AnthemoonBar Buyout26/06/2021
    Aio SixBar Buyout x226/06/2021
    Kael OrnitierBar Buyout26/06/2021
    Endy HeiosBar Buyout26/06/2021
    Vyn IyrnberkBar Buyout26/06/2021
    Ren ShiroBar Buyout26/06/2021
    Aio SixBar Buyout19/06/2021
    Namine LucianaBar Buyout (x2)05/06/2021
    Sugar DaddyBar Buyout05/06/2021
    Aio SixVIP Membership (1 month)05/06/2021
    Catherine ShindoBar Buyout05/06/2021
    HanabiBar Buyout05/06/2021
    Deve LeoneBar Buyout22/05/2021
    Eve DeimosVIP Membership (12 months)22/05/2021
    Slow Dive & Euka ToriBar Buyout15/05/2021
    Hayana RuBar Buyout (x3)15/05/2021
    Hayana RuChampange Call15/05/2021
    Anonymous @ KujataBar Buyout (x5)15/05/2021
    Blau AncalagonBar Buyout (x3)08/05/2021
    Renee EveBar Buyout (x3)08/05/2021
    Mana InkbearBar Buyout (x2)08/05/2021
    Tyr NightwingBar Buyout08/05/2021
    Kiko HinamoriChampange Call08/05/2021
    Crocono CassiusChampange Call08/05/2021
    Veras LexritzChampange Call08/05/2021
    Gardeveil KloudChampange Call08/05/2021
    Mana InkbearBar Buyout (x7)01/05/2021
    Tyr NightwingBar Buyout01/05/2021
    Eve DeimosBar Buyout (x3)24/04/2021
    Mana InkbearBar Buyout (x2)24/04/2021
    Anonymous @ AtomosBar Buyout24/04/2021
    Kenshiro'noir' KilroyBar Buyout (x2)10/04/2021
    Artemyra RandgrisBar Buyout10/04/2021
    Newt ReichsadlerBar Buyout10/04/2021
    Newt ReichsadlerBirthday Celebration10/04/2021
    Tyr NightwingBar Buyout10/04/2021
    Luna LemortBar Buyout10/04/2021
    Ketty FurbeeBar Buyout03/04/2021
    Tomamo MaiBar Buyout27/03/2021
    Tomamo MaiBirthday Celebration Treat27/03/2021
    Luna LemortBar Buyout27/03/2021
    Kael OrnitierBar Buyout27/03/2021