We are on our Dawntrail vacation

    OCE Location:
    Materia DC | Sophia
    Mist | Ward 8 Plot 35
    Main Location:
    Elemental DC | Atomos
    Mist | Ward 18 Plot 35
    Syncshell Details via Discord


    1. NightHaven is a mature venue restricted to those aged above 18

    2. Respect all staff members and patrons.

    3. Keep all chats SFW and NSFW conversations private.

    4. Refrain from using /yell, /shout, LFM, and LFP as reserved for announcements and staff only.

    5. Chat and Emote spamming is prohibited

    6. Do not perform bard performance without permission

    7. Please hide weapons, minions, and pets.

    8. No broadcasting of our host services. This includes streaming on public platforms or via private discords.

    9. Patrons interested in [Dark Arts], please take note of our [Dark Arts] disclaimer available in our Discord, located in the #enhancement channel.

    By entering our venue, you agree to abide by our club rules and allow our photographers to capture photos that might be utilized on NightHaven's website and social media platforms.If you wish to have your photo removed, please submit a request through our Discord channel by creating a ticket.


    NightHaven team



    All celebration packages redeemed outside NightHaven hours include a private Live DJ, private Bartender and private use of the venue.
    Celebrations outside NightHaven Hours must be pre-booked 2 weeks in advance.

    You can rent out one of our venues for private use.
    NightHaven can be hired any day apart from Saturday.

    Blacktie Mansion5,000,0001,000,000
    NightHaven Nightingale2,000,0001,000,000

    We can provide staff members to cater to your event,
    however, staff rates are charged separately.
    * To hire Blacktie Mansion, you must be a permanent Blacktie member.


    All staff with a green icon (Looking for Party) are available for Roleplaying (RP) services.
    Directly approach your selected host to schedule a session. RP services provided are subject to the hired staff member's discretion.
    We do not tolerate any type of harassment and we have the right to cancel any reservations without a refund.
    Please make sure that you explicitly indicate if are opting for SFW or NSFW hosting.



    Serene and affectionate companion, with dedication focused on creating a comfortable environment for you. Felicity's adventurous traits and open-mindedness present her as the perfect opportunity to become your loving companion, helping to explore your deepest desires and making you feel happy, comfortable, and loved beyond measure.

    "In my heart, there's a place reserved for you. Claim it, and let's create something extraordinary together."

    Likes: Conversations, Hugging, Cuddling, Kissing and Broad Intimacy

    Limitations: Scat play



    Sayuri is a geisha born and bred. Raised by her Geisha mother, she is extremely sensual and her sweet personality and willingness to listen makes her a good companion for nervous first timers and experienced players alike.

    “Life is tiring. We all need a safe haven. Allow me to be yours <3”

    Likes: Total control, Shibari, Making her partners feel good.

    Limitations: Scat play, Vore, Non-Con without prior discussion and vetting the type of non-con, Necro



    About Me


    Likes: ...

    Limitations: ...



    A bit of an eccentric, Rogan takes life's woes with a grain of salt. With a very enthusiastic personality, and a penchant for danger, not a day goes by without excitement with him. If he's not out meeting new people, he's often found gambling his earnings with a heartfelt smile, win or lose. "Hey, you can't win them all, but you can't lose them all either! All that matters is that you give it your 150%!"

    Likes: Eating heavy (loves unlimited food places), Gambling, Sharing stories with friends, Meeting new people, Card games!

    Limitations: Anything that goes on in the bathroom. (Scat, Piss, etc.)



    As a northerner from the Empire who settles in Eorzea, Caster is open-minded about different cultures and people. He can relate to newcomers and guide them with his kindness, sweet and captivating like hot honey milk served in winter.
    Not only has his way with all genders, Caster is soft and bendable inside out. He could be a gentleman, or fulfill your darkest desire if you ask.

    ”Hold my hand tonight and soar high together, I’ll show you the sights you have never seen before.”

    Likes: Intimacy, BDSM, Dirty Talk

    Limitations: Scat play, or anything prohibited in Carrd kink sheet



    Just another bungirl chasing her dream as the hottest bungirl in Elemental, doing whatever she takes to get attention from FFXIV personas just by looking at her adventurer plate. As well as being a host, she is a capable raider!

    Likes: Jokes, Dirty talk, Sub/Dom

    Limitations: Blood / Gore

    Private Retreat

    Chamber 5

    The Angus Lounge

    Chamber 9

    The Rustic Lounge

    Chamber 12

    The Security Room

    Chamber 14

    The Cherry Lounge

    Chamber 21








    Stage Staff

    Gamba dealers




    Chaotic Neutral

    Fiara's heart is as open as the sky and a spirit as free as the wind. She navigates life with a blend of humor, resourcefulness, and a deep love for partying.



    "Casual housing enjoyer"



    “Welcome to NightHaven! I trust you will enjoy your time here”



    A once lonely Auri wanderer who has now found her forever home in Eorzea. She can often be found socializing at the hottest places in town, or busy in front or behind her beloved camera. She dreams of a life of elegance and forever fun, surrounded by close friends and her beloved husband.



    A Lalafell from New Gridania seeking adventure and excitement from the land of Eorzea. Arin's parents were killed in a vampire massacre and she plan on seeking revenge to the vampires that killed them. In order for that to happen, she disguised herself as a vampire to blend in with the party. Her love for bartender stemmed from dabbling with mixing liquids in order to create dangerous substances or even strong concoctions that can make even the most sober individual go crazy for it. Arin's strong charisma activates when her vampire eyes, a key to hypnotize her patron.



    "Isn't it funny how they say that photography is capable of stealing one's soul?
    ...Anyway, let me know if you experience anything unusual... "



    “Expand your perception through my lens"



    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.



    "Most likely offended you before and I apologize."



    A shy and kind Miqo'te who is happy to welcome you with open arms.



    Shy, soft spoken, kind and compassionate


    Stage Staff

    "Life isn't just about passing on your genes. We can leave behind much more than just DNA. Through speech, music, literature and movies... what we've seen, heard, felt... anger, joy and sorrow... these are the things I will pass on. That's what I live for. We need to pass the torch, and let our children read our messy and sad history by its light."


    Role: Game Host

    Despite her notoriety for her games in the Coliseum being hazardous, Saki comes with new(and safer) games to entertain our guests! Always up for a competition, she'll leave you wanting for a challenge in the games she conducts!


    Role: Dealer

    With a drink in hand, and the club's flashing lights,
    Tonight's the night to indulge in your vices.
    Take a seat, and I will roll the dice,
    And we shall let them decide on your prize.
    Lured in by the thrill and enticement of gambling, this particular Xaela has mingled as a dealer for multiple casinos in the past. Stories from previous patrons come and go, with some saying that the hands she deals were pure dumb luck, whereas others mutter hearsay of relation to black magic. But one thing's for sure, Lunaris will never say no to a game or two, letting the dice and cards decide on her gil's fate."Gambling is not about the gil; it is about the thrill of the risk. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So what do you say, fancy a game with me?"


    Role: Dealer

    Forever rolling the dice and tempting fate in pursuit of the ultimate thrill. For better or for worse, this CONman who lived by one simple motto: go big or go home.
    "You dont gamba to win. You gamba so u can gamba the next day."


    Role: Dealer

    Once, she had been like any other, toiling away in the monotonous routine of the coffee biscuit factory, her dreams as stale as the hardened dough she shaped day after day. When the factory closed its doors, it was her fellow colleagues who introduced her to the intoxicating allure of gambling. Laughter mingling with the clatter of dice and the shuffle of cards, they taught Ririna the tricks of the trade, and she quickly proved herself to be a natural. Ririna knew that she had found her calling.In the realm of gambling, she exudes a playful aura, her eyes dancing with mischief. She eagerly embraces the dance of the unpredictable, revelling in the exhilarating thrill of the game."Life is short. Go all in."